A Guide to Gold Coin and Dollars

Gold coin collecting has been around for many years.  Many collectors start collecting as kids and continue their collection through adulthood.  There are so many gold coins to collect but one of the more popular ones is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.  This is the official coin ofCanada and is 24 carats.  These coins come only from Canadian gold mines.  This is a popular coin in many collectors’ portfolios.  Now is a great time to purchase gold so if you have thought about starting a coin collection, now may be the time you can start.

Another great addition to any coin collection is the silver dollar.  Silver Eagles are one of the most popular collections of silver coins.  This coin was first released in 1986.  Its face value is $1 but is normally traded at a certain percent over spot silver price.  One side of the coin features a walking Lady Liberty and the other side sports an eagle.  Each design was designed by a different artist.

The most popular coin collected is the Morgan Dollar.  The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921.  The coin is named after the person who designed the coin, George T. Morgan.  He designed the entire coin.  The coin has a fineness of .900 which totals the coin at .77344 troy ounces of silver content for each coin.  There are certified Morgan Silver Dollars that many collectors sought out.  It is best to get any certified coin through a reputable dealer.