Buying an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring symbolizes that someone is promised to be married. In Western cultures mostly women ware engagement rings although some male may opt to wear an engagement ring. It appears that the tradition of wearing an engagement ring started in Ancient Egypt. The circle symbolizes the never ending cycle. The engagement ring revitalized in the Western World in the 13th century.

The engagement ring comes in many different styles. Most common is the 18 carat gold. In the U.S. many engagements rings contain diamonds. This tradition dates back to mid-20th century.

Traditionally men present the ring as a betrothal gift to a woman and therefore, if the man breaks the promise it is considered the ring belong to the woman.

When buying an engagement ring, consider your budget and what stones. Your budget will determine the size and type of the ring. On an average people spend $3,000 – $4,000 on an engagement ring. If you are buying a ring with stones especially diamond, consider the four C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat. Additionally, consider the style. Keep in mind that wedding band will be joining the engagement ring later and need to pay attention to how they will be paired.