Handmade Wooden Jewelry

Article Written by : The Official Law Of Attraction

Handmade wooden jewelry has been in use since the pre-historic time. Wood is easier to work with compared to other materials used to make jewelry such as stones and metals. In ancient times very primitive tools and techniques have been used to make wooden jewelry. However, today much more sophisticated equipment such as drills, saws, sandpaper are available for use.

Most of the woods used to make handmade jewelry have exceptionally good qualities. Sandalwood for instance, is hard to find as well as light and fragrant. Other wood used to make handmade jewelry includes rosewood, ebony, Maplewood, bamboo and many others. Wood can be used to make bracelets, earrings, rings, beads, charms, pendants and many others.

Most of the jewelry pieces made of wood are excellent when used “raw”. However, many pieces can be painted, dyed or otherwise sealed for finish, durability and for many other reasons. In addition to the finish look, treated wood may last longer and helps to protect from the elements.

Handmade wooden jewelry gives the person an earthy feeling and can be combined with other pieces. Depending on the wood, design and other features, handmade wooden jewelry could be more expensive compared to commercially manufactured jewelry.

Watch this video below for a great tutorial: