Cubic Zirconia: The Progressive Alternative

Cubic-ZirconiaArticle Written by : Fashion Of The Celebs

Girls are brought up to look forward to their wedding day. They’ve seen the images of a gorgeous woman in white, the long flowing gown with a bouquet of perfectly arranged flowers, the artistically applied make up and hair. A bride becomes a goddess for a day. And even though a wedding is about ultimately about the bride and groom, we cannot deny that a great deal of attention is directed towards the bride when she enters the chapel. The groom is waiting. But when the bride appears, all the participants and observes rise to catch a glimpse of her stunning form. With all this in mind, the thought of cubic zirconia wedding rings may seen a bit tawdry when gracing the finger of a new bride. However, if she has a conscious, this couldn’t be a more noble act.

The truth is, a good portion of the diamond trade is brought about on the backs of unfortunates souls. The push to produce these brilliant stones in Africa has produced instances of sever exploitation with almost slave like working conditions. With a proper understanding of this, we remain hopeful that the service of professional ring repair may also include the changing of the jewels in a ring setting. While this may seem like a complete waste of money, the truth is that this can also be a powerful symbol of awareness and understanding. Besides, would you really want to wear a stone that is steeped in cruelty and greed with little regard for humanity?

I was first made aware of this idea by two lovely friends of mine. When I first met them, they already possessed what could be called an upper class lifestyle. Their house was immaculate, the residence of those with good taste and the money to acquire it. When they finally decided to get married, I was sure that a massive diamond would appear on her finger. To be honest, I was quite surprised when I instead spied an engagement ring made from simple copper and turquoise.

Upon explaining my confusion, she sat me down and taught me about the horrible conditions of diamond mines and the brutality of the average worker’s life who are practically forced to produce these jewels. It was an eye opener. And this led to me to even more research. My final conclusion is that if I do have a bride to be and if she cannot accept the idea of living without a diamond, especially after a bit of education and enlightenment to the situation, the truth is that she wouldn’t be the woman for me. A woman who wears a cubic zirconia is far more attractive in my eyes.