Rings have become a significant item of jewelry due to the emphasis placed on the connection it holds between a man and a woman. In history, rings were worn for many different purposes: to show authority, heal the sick, unite people, seal packs, prevent evil eye and bring good luck. Here is a quick glimpse of some rings that were popular in the past.

• Signet ring – People used this ring as a form of seal or signature. Kings passed it down from one to another.

• The religious ring – People used religious rings to identify their faith. It also showed a priest’s rank. Christians decorated their rings with signs and symbols from the bible.

• The Nuptial ring- These are the most popular rings today, which symbolize the commitment and faithfulness between a man and a woman. In history, nuptial rings were not always made out of diamonds. Instead, Roman women used to wear rings made with emeralds, while the men preferred rubies.

• The Talismatic ring- People thought that these rings held magic powers, which were transferred from the maker or the wearer of the ring. People wore magic rings to scare away ghosts, heal the sick, and tell the future.

• The Healing ring- People made these rings using special metals believed to hold healing properties. Some wore these rings in the belief that the wearer was given a special power to diagnose illnesses.