A Rare Jewelry Theft Happened In Austin,TX

An unusual robbery occurred Thursday when four men robbed a high-class jewelry store. The robbers covered the lower part of their faces with black cloth and wore black hoodies to cover their heads; they wore dark sunglasses to disguise themselves. After the robbery they escaped in a gray four-door car that had its windows tinted. Austin police have stated that this type of crime happens rarely, but unfortunately it happens. 
The salesman was leaving the jewelry store at the Domain and was heading back to his car when the men robbed him, stealing precious metals, clothing and furs. Police did not report exactly how much stock was taken. They want to prevent other criminals from being tempted to try this type of crime more often. Two of the robbers were armed and nationally it has been reported than similar robberies have taken place. Authorities are claiming that many of the robberies were done by immigrants from foreign countries that include Peru and Columbia.
The robbers seem to be targeting traveling salesmen that work at tradeshows and those that bring their merchandise into other businesses to sell. The salesman has referred further inquiries to the company that employs him, JB Star that sells fine handmade jewelry at exclusive stores nationwide. The last big jewelry theft that occurred in Austin, TX was similar in that four men robbed a delivery person that was bringing merchandise to an Americus Diamond Store, this crime occurred in 2004. The criminals have not yet been found.