Affordable Tin Cup Necklaces

A favorite piece of jewelry amongst women is the tin cup necklace. The first appearance it made was when Renee Russon, an actress wore it in 1966 in the movie ‘Tin Cup’, from which the necklace gets its name from.

The tin cup necklace is also called a pearl illusion necklace and sometimes a floating pearl necklace as well. The necklace is made up of a number of pearls which are spaced out on a chain about an inch apart, creating the illusion of the pearls floating on the neckline.

Tin cup necklaces can be fairly pricey, especially in top designer stores. Almost any jewellery shop should have tin cup necklaces, and you should be able to find more affordable types online as well.

Another good option would be to check with a jewelry shop that designs their own pieces, as you can specify all the details, and perhaps get the best possible price on the market.

Tin cup necklaces are made with Akoya pearls which are really expensive. Instead, opt for freshwater pearls for a more affordable option. Swarovski pearls are high quality pearls which are freshwater pearls, which make them affordable as well. You might also want to choose pearls that are 6 mm to 8 mm in size to keep the price within your budget. Any other size larger than that could make the necklace quite expensive.

Tin cup necklaces are also top choices for wedding jewelry, and are simplistic and beautiful at the same time.