All about Exotic Black Diamonds and Men

Gemstones like black diamonds are generally considered a fashion fad for women, but because of this colored diamond, men are finding reasons to wear a stone on their finger. Perfectly polished, white diamonds can add sophistication and charm to any lady who is wearing them, but today, black diamonds are considered to be classier for both genders. Why are black diamonds so popular among males? For one, it has a rugged but classy character.

Unlike the sparkling white diamonds which flash and scatter light (hence their crystal appearance), black diamonds take in light. Compared to white diamonds which are considered more valuable the less color reflected, black diamonds have higher grade and value the darker their hues are. Many black diamonds in the market are opaque, and you will rarely come across translucent and transparent black diamonds. So, for an exquisite gift for your darling husband or fiancé, you may need to look harder to find transparent black diamonds. Be prepared to do a lot of scouting and a lot of spending. What metals do black diamonds stand out in?

While white diamonds look fine set on yellow gold and reddish metals, you must avoid these shades at all costs when choosing a metal to set your black diamond on. White gold, platinum, silver or titanium are the four best metals for black diamonds. White gemstones can be added for a more contrasting feel, and to bring out the color of the black diamond. Remember to purchase a diamond which is not perfectly 1 carat, because the chances are, you may be buying a poorly cut diamond.