Appreciation of Jewellery

All things that glitter might not be gold, but all jewellery certainly does. Knowing no social class or boundaries, jewellery is worn by young and old alike. From faux pieces worn by children, to belly rings, engagement and wedding rings and even heirloom pieces passed down through generations. The love for jewellery depends on the person, with some appreciating it as a work of art, and for others as pieces of embellishment.

In fashion right now are chunky pieces of jewellery, while others who don’t agree, opt for dainty gold and silver jewellery with fine detail. For those who love oversized pieces of jewellery, then agate and wood bangles are a perfect choice. Oversized cocktail rings are also in fashion, being the perfect way to set off your outfit. Autumn 2009 jewellery trends call for dark glamour rings and black diamond rings – the mark of a 1940s glamour goddess. Oversized metal necklaces are also on trend for this season. Rose gold is back in fashion, as 2009 trends drive precious metal laden with colour combos of burnished metal and copper. The wide cuff trend has now transformed to complex wrist creations of filigree and chunky pieces. Bows and insect bugs in jewellery are widely becoming fashionable, as more necklaces are becoming more decorative and weightier. Contrasting finer detail chains – Bezel set gems or diamond laden chains are perfect for enhancing necklines.

However, jewellery appreciation is still confined to its price and not its form, design and detail; viewed as a status symbol or investment.