Appropriate Jewellery Gifts for Specific Occasions

Every few months there comes yet another opportunity for gift giving. Deciding on an appropriate gift can be difficult and sometimes, the best gifts come in the form of jewellery be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, engagements or weddings.

Valentine’s Day
On Valentine’s Day you appreciate your loved ones and bestow special gifts on them. Small tokens of jewellery are the perfect way to show someone you care be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, wife or husband. Shop around for a heart-shaped diamond necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings for the ladies in your life. For the guys, diamond-studded cufflinks or a beautiful watch would be perfect.

Academic Achievements
High school and college graduations are special occasions no matter what they are celebrating, it is a pretty important moment in their life. Jewellery is a great option to consider when gift giving on such an occasion. A perfect unisex gift is a diamond-faced or gold plated watch, while women seem to prefer diamond rings. To make it more personal, engrave the student’s school and year of graduation on the inside of the watch or ring.

Mother’s and Father’s Day
This is not just a holiday to take your parents out for dinner. Present them with a special token of appreciation in the form of jewellery. Perhaps something with their birthstone or favourite gem would be an ideal gift.

Engagement and Wedding Presents
Yet another major event in a person’s life which warrants giving jewellery as a gift; consider gifting the bride with a string of pearls or diamond earrings. Grooms might enjoy special gold or silver cufflinks to wear on the big day.