ARCA Jewelry

Beautiful ancient coin pendants are framed coins that date back to ancient Greek or Roman times, the time of Christ, the European Golden Age of Discovery or the Crusaders time.  Some pieces have diamonds and Sapphires but each gold or silver pendant is truly unique. All of the ancient coin jewelry comes from expert numismatic buyers who travel all around the world and attend authentic auction houses. The company also has their own in house numismatic experts who examined each coin to confirm its authenticity, approximate time and place of mint.

ARCA jewelry guarantees that all of their jewelry, including their gold coin necklace is 100% authentic and that any included gemstones are completely genuine. If any artifact or client has a manufacturing defect, the company will reset what ever was dislodged at no cost to the person who purchased it. It also guarantees that the setting of the artifact or client was done with careful care and consideration.

The jewelers at ARCA jewelry design their craft with precision and care.  All of the amazing jewelry in their collection can be found online. You will find a wide array of pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and accessories for women and pendants, rings, cuff links, bracelets, money clips and accessories for men.  They also have a special section for hew arrivals and special sales where you can get a great deal on some amazing jewelry