Artisan Jewelry

When you think of the word “Artisan,” you think of a person who is great at their craft and has worked hard to get it to the place it is today. When you think of artisan jewelry you think of a beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. That is what wearing jewlery should feel like everytime you wear a new piece of jewelry. You must keep in mind that the you will enjoy this unique piece for years to come knowing that it was crafted with skill and knowing that there will be no other one exactly like. It is truely a form of art wear as most artisans only pick the most skilled and passionate artists from small markets around the world to hand craft the jewelry with careful hands and eyes. To keep the art pure, many places only chose artisans and organizations that believe in fair trade and the beauty in what they are selling. Here at Jewel Log, we believe in the power of karma and that we should do things fairly, honestly, and with a background of a good heart. Nothing quite explains this as simplistically and greatly as the karma necklace with its handcrafted silver circl with the phrase, “Karma: What goes around comes around” etched in the surface