Assorting Your Outfit With the Artwear

According to one of Marilyn Monroe’s songs, the diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The song didn’t just remain in everyone’s mind, but it also reflects the women’ weakness for jewelry very well, whether it comes to handcrafted earrings or expensive brooches. Generally, the jewelry is given at special occasions and this is why such pieces get a sentimental value, aside from the materials, series and brands. The sentimental value is often more important than the material one and represents the main reason when choosing the right pieces for an event.


The essential aspects that influence the jewelry you wear include the occasion, the outfit and the moment of the day. The color is just as important. You cannot assort green jewelry with a blue outfit and some natural makeup. At the same time, a lively colored pair of earrings is not really recommended for an elegant event in the evening and a dark outfit.


The moment of the day is also extremely important. The artwear has a very important role. If you plan to go out for lunch with your best friend, you should not exaggerate on the shiny jewelry or outfits. Keep it natural instead. On the other hand, if you attend a special event that implies a sober outfit, the jewelry should be appropriate. Such events usually take place in the evening. Aside from the occasion, the outfit should be part of the whole décor too, whether you opt for an elegant style or a sporty and casual one.