Baby charm bracelets come in a variety of shapes and styles. While some families opt to create actual charm bracelets for their baby, out of gold or silver, some bracelets are family heirlooms, handed down through many generations.

Some parents however do not approve of baby bracelets, which, does make a lot of sense as babies do tend to put practically everything into their mouths. It makes even more sense with a charm bracelet in this case.

However, if you are considering getting your baby a charm bracelet, perhaps you should first consider your budget. Sterling silver baby bracelets would be the ideal choice if your budget cannot accommodate one made out of gold. Remember, that whatever you choose the bracelet to be made of, the thought, the love and the ‘special’ factor you bring in cannot be measured.

Baby charm bracelets can be turned out in many different fashions. You can get wonderfully creative with them. You could add on the birthstone of your baby on the charm bracelet – or you could get a special birthstone charm. These can be made in any shape you desire, be it a rattle, pacifier, Donald Duck or whatever you want. If you want more ideas, look online. There are thousands of different charms that you could even purchase online.

Another popular option for baby bracelets is spelling out your baby’s name and date of birth – using letter and number charms. If it’s a boy, you could even get charms made in blue, and pink for a girl. If you are thinking of gifting a baby charm bracelet – get a generic one adorned with baby toys, bottles, storks and rubber ducks.