Bib Necklaces: How to Wear Them Right

This incoming year’s fashion forecast reveals that highly accented, bib necklaces will be big, especially after the most sought-after fashionistas like Mischa Barton and Natalia Vodianova were spotted wearing these accessories and incorporating them in real-life, everyday fashion. Bib necklaces range from delicate bibs, to the cant-miss-it full bibs that look a lot like breastplates.  

So you want to wear a bib necklace, but aren’t sure how? Here are a few pointers:

1)      Bib necklaces are huge, so naturally, they become your outfit’s focal point. You may want to add to the look by wearing more and equally stunning accessories, but that would only be a fashion buzz-kill. To keep a look that’s classy and feminine, avoid looking like an accessories hanger.

2)      Shirt dresses are so in, and they are great with bib necklaces! To sport a look that is both classy and very feminine, allow your bib jewelry to fall over your top’s front. The bib necklace may overlap with your top, but that’s exactly the point. Incoming fashion is all about flattering layers, anyway. If you’d like to sport a glamorous look, get sexy in a white tube dress, and dress it up with vivid colored bib necklace. Black would be great, but who says you can’t try any other colors? Just make sure your dainty clutch bag and shoes match your accessories.

3)      For a casual look that’s fun and fashionable, go for bib necklaces that are not as thick. Let them fall over your top, but make sure what you’re wearing has a neckline that’s higher than the necklace. If your top has a scooping neckline, let the necklace rest on bare skin. Complete a casual look with a fedora hat, boyfriend jeans, and dainty flats. Coordinate the colors to make sure your bib necklace stands out.