Birthstone bracelets make really great gifts. When purchasing one, keep the following in mind: ensure that you shop at a reputed jeweller – not all jewellery stores stock the best of quality.

When shopping around for birthstone bracelets – first check that the stones used are clear and not murky. They should also not have any streaks in them. This is of absolute importance, especially if the price tag is on the high side. The stones used must be of vivid colours – not poorly coloured or multi-coloured.

Take for instance the birthstone for March – aquamarines: they should be flawlessly smooth and not scratched. Diamonds, the birthstone for April – while being the most expensive, should be inspected quite thoroughly. Firstly, to ensure that the stones have little or no imperfections; and secondly to ensure that they are diamonds after all.

June’s birthstone is pearls – which are judged based on their colour, sheen, shape and size. The more valuable pearls are rounder in shape and of a pure white shade. When setting pearls on a bracelet, each one must match the other and placed perfectly in place. Otherwise, the bracelet will not look good at all.

Opals or pink tourmaline are for October babies. Opals are extremely beautiful gemstones and are great options for bracelets, while pink tourmaline is fairly hard to find.

If shopping for baby jewellery gifts – instead of opting for the usual baby bracelet or name bracelets: choose birthstone bracelets, they will make a fabulous keepsake.