Birthstones Bracelets for The Women and Girls in Your Life

Article by Style Folio Jewelry.

Jewelry is a treasured gift that women (and men) of all ages love to give and receive. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and other jewelry are often times given as a devout expression of love. When thinking about gifts for the special women and girls in your life, consider giving a gift that is sentimental and customizable. Such jewelry, such as birthstones bracelets, are adored because they reflect the individuality of the person. By inserting these precious stones in into the bracelet, a person’s jewelry reflects love and family.

A popular bracelet that implements these precious stones are the mothers bracelets. These bracelets are special and adored because they are customized to include the names of children, grandchildren, or anyone else’s name they wish to include.  The ornate beads spell out the names of those you love and are surrounded by that person’s own birthstone, or any other stone you wish to include. This one of a kind creation is personal and cherished by mothers of all ages.

In a similar fashion to the mothers bracelets, the pearl baby bracelets also include the same sparkle and personalization. Made from cultured freshwater pearls, the pearl baby bracelet delicately decorates your baby’s wrist. The bracelet may be customized to include your baby’s name, nickname, or whatever you choose. These harvested, round pearls are of the utmost quality and are Grade A and very difficult to find in these sizes (3.5-4.5mm). This precision in quality makes these bracelets both extremely valuable and extremely beautiful.