Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphires are one of the most valuable and sought after gemstones. In ancient times, a blue sapphire was thought to be the sphere in which the Earth was contained in – and what better way could the beauty of a sapphire be described in?

Sapphires are part of the mineral corundum – which is an aluminum oxide. Apart from using it to adorn pieces of jewelry, sapphires are used in infrared optical components, high-durability windows, watch crystals and even wafers for the semiconductor deposition due of its incredible durability.

Blue sapphires come in many variations of shades and colours. Blue sapphires are sometimes referred to as a ‘cornflower blue sapphire’ for its vibrant, deep blue shade, which is found mostly in the Sri Lankan blue sapphires. Like any other gemstone, the price of a sapphire is determined by its clarity and of course, its color. Color of course is the most important in blue sapphires – and those with less than 15 % of purple are supposed to be of very high quality while any amount of greenness in the stone will only lessen its value.

Blue sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Kashmir and Burma. The only factor to worry about when purchasing blue sapphires is heat treatment. This is commonly used to improve the color and clarity of the stone – which of course is a compromise on the quality and value of the stone. Therefore, ensure that you request for an appraisal and a third party certificate on the authenticity of the blue sapphire.