Body Jewelry

Body piercing has been part of many cultures for centuries. For example, nose piercing was first recorded in the Middle East about 4000 years ago, in which the Bible said that Abraham gifted one of his sons a “golden earring”. In modern times people use body piercing to express themselves, create a unique appearance, and to use their bodies as a canvas to enhance the body’s beauty. The most commonly pierced body areas include the ears, eyebrows, nose, mouth, nipple, and navel.

Nose and ear piercing come in the form of barbells and screw-type jewelry. Generally, this type of jewelry is further modified by using colored gem stones or artificial gems that dangle from the jewelry stem.

Those who are adventurous might try piercing their nipple, navel or eyebrows. This type of body piercing, which is more popular among western teenagers, uses the same form of jewelry as mentioned above. But since these body parts are more sensitive, make sure you test the metal and piercing clinic before going ahead with the procedure. Also, keep in mind that following the correct after-care instructions is a must until the area is fully healed.

Since body piercing has become popular, there are a large number of stores that create a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures to match almost any individual’s tastes and preferences. Body jewelry ranges from strong, bold pieces to the more classic simple styles. While some stores like Tiffany’s Co. can make you a more custom-made item, for others on a lower budget, there are a wide range of main stream jewelry stores that can offer very similar styles.