Buying Pearls

Pearls are at the height of fashion and always have been. They are classy and classic at the same time. While the strand of pearls is the usual order of things, more daring designs have come out this year like tasseled multi-strand pearls, pearls set with semi-precious stones and the list goes on. Here is a list of things you must look out for when shopping for pearls:

– Dull or chalky looking pearls must be avoided. The glow of a pearl is its most important quality. If they look dull then chances are that it is weak and could even crack.

– Always inspect pearls under a bright light. Scrutinize the surface of the pearl and ensure it has no cracks or odd-looking bumps. If shopping for Baroque pearls however, then this rule does not count.

– Keep in mind that size matters. The bigger pearls cost a lot more.

– If you are on a small budget, ask for freshwater pearls from China. They are less expensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes with an average around seven millimeters.

– The best care you can give your pearls is to wear them. Remember not to put them on until you have done all your make up, perfume, etc. as they could ruin your pearls; and do not wear them in the pool or when swimming in the sea.

– When shopping for pearls, it would help not be too price sensitive as the best pearls do not come cheap – and rightly so, because they will last you a lifetime.