Buying Vintage Jewellery? Tips On Choosing A Reputable Dealer

If you are new to buying vintage jewellery, it is important that you find an honest, reputable dealer. It is the first step in the process, and you should spend as much time choosing a dealer as you would choosing which pieces to buy. When it comes to dealing with valuables like antique jewellery, a dealer you can trust will help you avoid a lot of issues along the way like overpaying for jewellery.

Here are some tips on choosing a dealer:

Choose a dealer who is well known and respected.

Always check the pedigree of your dealer. Some dealers have been around for a few years and other have been around decades. The most prominent dealers are usually offered products first. So if some antique rings are released to the market by a collector or were found accidently, the biggest and most prominent dealers are the first to get offered the items. They will also offer the best prices and service.

Choose a dealer who has been in the industry for longer.

The longer they have been around, the better. These dealers tend to have established customer and supplier bases and can also provide your purchases with long term backing. In addition, if they have been around for more than a few years, then it is also less likely that they are in it for the short term. Some will have things like vintage rings from the time they were incorporated, giving you access to pieces you would not normally have.

Choosing the right dealer can make all the difference.