Celtic Jewelry – The Mystical Knots & Claddagh Ring

When it comes to Celtic jewelry, the Claddagh ring is the most popular, especially as tokens of love and friendship. It is said to have originated in the small Irish fishing village of Claddagh, where tradition states that the words “Let love and friendship reign” are spoken when the ring is given out. If the heart is worn facing the body, it symbolizes that the wearer is in love, when worn with the heart away from the body, the wearer is available for new friendships or love.

Celtic jewelry is now a permanent part of the worlwide jewelry industry, with stone carving, precious metals all having been worked into the now familiar swirling and curved patterns. Most of the jewelry takes the form of rather mysterious knots, neverending, this is how the name ‘Mystic Knots’ came to be. These knots have multiple meanings and interpretations, some of which are based on the designs, while some from legend and spiritual inspirations.

The Celtic knot symbols, have survived for centuries. The spiritual nature of these beautiful knots are its biggest draw, they are without beginning or end, and call to the primal part of us, forcing us to ponder the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This timeless symbol has and will continue to endure, in arts, crafts, customs.