Chair Slipcovers And Other Items That Should Be On Your Wedding Checklist

When it comes to organizing a wedding, there are so many variables and checklists to go through; everything from music to silk flowers. It is the one event that demands the absolute best, while also maintaining a budget.

Two things are immediately noticed when guests enter the venue – the flowers and the tables and chairs. Think about using chair slipcovers in colors that match your theme. You should complement the look and feel of your wedding with every item on the checklist. While bare chairs are fine for certain settings, chair covers lend an element of formality to an event.

When it comes to the flowers, this is where cost can be a big factor. Hire a florist that is good at mixing and matching colors and flowers. It is very easy to decorate a wedding with the most expensive flowers, but it takes skill and talent to blend different colored and more unusual flowers to create striking, but cost effective, arrangements.

Music is another important element. Often overlooked for what are considered to be more important elements, it sets the mood and tone of a wedding, often subconsciously. The DJ has to be experienced and professional. The wrong song selection can create some awkward and uncomfortable situations.

Personalization is another recent trend. You can personalize almost any aspect of a wedding. A nice and subtle idea is to wrap favors or any other item with a personalized ribbon, it shows attention to detail and tastefulness.