Coin Collecting and the Morgan Dollar

A Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin that was in circulation during the 1800’s. It is a silver coin and was named after the designer, George T. Morgan, who was a United States Mint Assistant Engraver. It has the face of Lady Liberty on the front and an eagle with its wings outstretched on the back. It was in circulation from 1878 to 1921. Coin collectors can trade other coins or purchase this coin through a reputable coin dealer.

Coin collecting was popularized as a hobby in the 1800’s. The invention of the coin, however, dates back to around 650 B.C. Coin collectors collect bronze coins, silver coins, and gold bullion coins. It is a common misconception that gold bullions are only gold bars, when in fact they can also be in the form of gold coins. Bullion by definition is a refined and stamped form of gold or any other precious metal. A Morgan dollar is made of silver.

Jewelers often buy gold bullion bars to turn into jewelry because they are more cost-effective than gold coins. Gold bullion coins are the kind that coin collectors collect. Usually these coins have been in circulation for a short period of time and this is one of the things that make it valuable. A coin’s quality and condition are a few things that coin dealers look at to deem a coin’s worth. This does not necessarily mean that an old coin is valuable; it has to be in good condition too.