Collar Necklaces – Back in Fashion

Necklaces are fairly popular pieces of jewelry. From ancient times, necklaces have been worn extensively. Even a simple outfit can be jazzed up with a fabulous necklace. They come in variety of styles, and one which is all the rage these days is the collar necklace. Also called a choker, these necklaces are inspired from the necklaces worn in ancient Egypt.

Unlike other necklaces, collar necklaces sit nice and snug around your throat, highlighting your neck. Single or double strands of diamonds, pearls or even beads make up a collar necklace. Measuring between twelve and thirteen inches in length, these necklaces are worn mostly on slender necks, adding to that all alluring feminine charm.

When buying a collar necklace, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Not everyone can wear a collar necklace and pull it off. You have to consider the shape of your face, your age and the kind of style you are used to. If you have a thick neck, then a collar necklace is unsuitable. This kind of necklace is best suited for longer necks only.

You can perhaps wear a thinner collar necklace instead of a larger piece if your neck is slightly shorter. A single row of gems, paired with a pendant will make your neck look longer.

Younger women should opt for collar necklaces that are of medium size, while older women can pull off bolder pieces. For a glamorous look, wear collar necklaces made up of oversized beads. But ensure that you team it up with a matching outfit. A spaghetti strap dress or even a strapless dress would be perfect.