Collecting gold coins

Collecting gold coins is a very interesting and lucrative experience. One the one hand it is an indulgence and on the other it is an investment. In fact, it is one of the few hobbies that can give you a guaranteed increased return when you sell your collection.

A gold coin collection looks great and is a great conversation piece too. Almost everyone is fascinated by gold and with a gold coin collection you can start off plenty of interesting conversations. However, a gold coin collection has to great perils. The first is in the purchasing stage and the second is in the storage stage.

When purchasing precious metals like gold coins or silver bullion, you have to take utmost care as you can be fleeced or conned. Detecting the authenticity of gold is hard enough, but detecting the authenticity of the coin is a whole other ball game. Ensure that you get good grounding in this subject before you make any purchase or make your purchase through a trusted source who is an expert in this matter. If you do decide to go it alone, ensure that you buy from trusted dealers who have a long track record that is filled with good references.

When storing the collection, take all the precautions that you can. Burglar alarms, a secure safe etc. are all things you must have to safeguard your collection. Remember, this is an investment that will return big the longer you wait to sell it, so there is no harm in going all out to protect it.