Customized Mother Bracelets And Name Bracelets – Christmas Gift Considerations

Name bracelets, also called mother bracelets, are popular gifts given during the Christmas period. Customized bracelets are even more special, and loved ones will treasure it for years to come. Before you actually go out and buy the bracelet, consider the following:

If you want a good quality bracelet made in either gold or sterling silver, prepare yourself for a high price. If the price offered seems like a great deal, or economical, then it might be that the metal used is not authentic. In which case, do not buy it.

The size of the letter beads used must also be checked. If it is a mother or grandmother bracelet, then 5.6 mm letter blocks is the normal, accepted size. If the bracelet is for a child or a person with a very small wrist, then opt for 4.5 mm letter blocks, which are smaller, but will suit them better.

The clasp is also important to look at. Choose between a lobster claw clasp and a toggle clasp. While a toggle clasp is far prettier, a lobster claw clasp is far more secure.

If you are shipping your gift across, it is important that you find out how much the shipping charges are. In most cases, shipping a bracelet within the country via first class mail will probably cost anywhere between 60 to 80 cents. It will take around four to five days for your gift to reach its destination – which is not entirely a long time, taking into consideration how long it takes for items ordered off magazines and television.
Mother bracelets are great gifts to give loved ones, not only for Christmas, but also for any special occasion.