Different Gems and Their Colors

Black Onyx
Onyx is a variety of chalcedony – and comes in different colors ranging from brown, black, grey and white. This gem is quite like agate – with the only difference being that the onyx has straight bands of color while agates have curved lines. Onyx chips quite easily.

Blue Aquamarine
Colors of this stone range from dark blue to light blue and even a beautiful blue-green. Top range aquamarines are transparent. Aquamarines must always be kept out of the sun, as it will fade.

Brown Agate
Like onyx, agate is also a kind of chalcedony – and comes in quite a few colors. Agate does chip and crack fairly easily. Agate’s permeable quality has led to the gem being dyed to enhance its appearance.

Green Emerald
One of the more popular choices for jewelry, this stunning gemstone is often called an ‘energy healer’.

Orange Carnelian
A favorite of the Egyptians, Carnelians are fun and affordable. They change color in the sun.

Pink Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is an inexpensive stone worn mostly as pendants. It cracks and chips easily and fades in the sun.

Red Ruby
The ‘stone of love’ as rubies are popularly known are fairly durable gemstones.

Violet Amethyst
This pretty purple stone is increasingly becoming the choice of stone for engagement rings – symbolizing ever-lasting love.

White Diamond
This beautiful and rare stone is one of the most expensive gemstones. It is a fairly brittle stone and is known as the ‘king of gems’.

Yellow Amber
Made from fossilized resins of trees, amber is a very light stone and thus great for large pieces of jewelry. Gems with the rare insect contained within it are prized while other inclusions are pine needles and air bubbles. Amber is easily scratched.