Do You Love Shopping for Handmade Jewelry?

If you have a passion for handmade jewelry, then maybe you enjoy shopping for it almost as much, if not more, than you love actually wearing what you purchase.  But, if you are someone who is environmentally conscious, then you can have the best of both worlds, by purchasing some green jewelry than was handmade.  Let’s say you are a fan of art wear handmade necklaces, and you just can’t pass up the ample opportunity to purchase something from the store room every single time you enter a store that sells the brand.  You are simply addicted to purchasing jewelry, and there’s nothing wrong with that – that is, if you are a multi-millionaire. For those of us who are normal people, this habit may become credit score threatening, and if it gets bad enough, it could even become bankruptcy threatening.  So let’s go ahead and nip this expensive habit in the bud before it starts to eat away at your life savings, and your 401(K) – not to mention those funds that you set aside for your children’s college educations.

So it may be time to hang up your shopping clothes and find another hobby, one that doesn’t involved spending a fortune on things that you don’t need and will probably never wear.  Maybe you should try scrapbooking, or cooking, or knitting – or whatever other benign hobby you can think of that will keep you, and your credit card, out of trouble for the foreseeable future.