Employment agreement

Misrepresentations on applications or resumes submitted to International Creative Artists, Inc. will be grounds for immediate termination of employment, regardless of length of employment. Additionally, as a representative of International Creative Artists, Inc. appearance, manners, and language must be always on a professional level, as well as the highest ethical standards possible to reflect honesty, integrity, and human dignity. Furthermore, socializing with or dating students, prospective students, or anyone that employee is meeting in a business capacity, are grounds for immediate termination. Employees must adhere to all governmental rules and regulations as set forth by our governing agencies. The use of telephones and office/classroom equipment are for company business.

Unauthorized use of telephones or office/classroom equipment will be grounds for immediate termination and the company will seek reimbursement for the misuse and expenses. Employees agree to act in a professional manner when self-terminating the employment with International Creative Artists, Inc. by giving at least two weeks written notice (administrative staff) and at least four weeks notice for instructional staff and management. International Creative Artists, Inc. may terminate the employment without notice. Upon termination, employee will immediately deliver to manager or any and all materials belonging to and/or concerning International Creative Artists, Inc. and its business. Maintaining, destroying, or misusing said items will be grounds for legal prosecution and fines. Employee agrees to complete an exit interview with manager.