Famous Pearls

Pearls have always held a special place in many societies for their healing power, beauty and their ability to bring about good fortune. Throughout history a selected number of pearls have been considered unique for their lustre, size and beauty, here are a five of the most popular pearls in history:

The Abernethy Pearl – This pearl was found in 1967 in Scotland by Bill Abernethy who was a professional diver. The Abernethy weighed 44 grains and was of exquisite quality. The gem was on display for over 30 years in Cairncross and was finally sold in 1992 to a buyer for an undisclosed amount.

The Big pink Pearl – This pearl was recorded as the largest known abalone pearl in the Guinness Book of world records and was found in Salt Point Part California. The 470 carat pearl was valued at $4.7 million at the time it was discovered.

The Eugenie Pearl – This pearl was apart of the elaborate jewellery collection of the French Crown Jewels. This pearl was placed on auction in 1887 and was purchased by Napoleon Bonaparte for his many wives.

The Gogibus Pearl – This pearl was found in Europe in the early 17th century on the cost of West Indies. The gem weighed 126 carats or 25,200mm and was purchased by the King Phillip IV of Spain in 1620.

The Hope Pearl – This was one of the largest salt water pearls ever found. It was 450 carats or 90,000mm and changed colour from a white to a greenish gold. The stone was fist owned by Phillip hope in the 17th century, but now resides in the British Museum of Natural History.