Gifting a baby bracelet

When you’ve been invited for a baby shower or a baby birthday, finding a gift can be a tough task. This is especially true if you’ve just got to know the parents and therefore do not know much about their likes and dislikes. Gifting a baby bracelet can save the day and win you some instant popularity.

There are two things you should be extremely concerned with when buying jewelry for kids,

  1. Are there any small pieces they can swallow?
  2. Are there sharp edges that can harm the baby?

Ensure that you get a solid NO for both these questions because a YES can get the baby in trouble. Next to this you should worry about size. Initially babies are very small and jewelry is hard to find in that size. But then they grow rapidly and any jewelry that doesn’t fit them is discarded. The ideal solution in this scenario is to gift a baby bracelet or name bracelets which have links that can be added or removed. This way the bracelet can be worn well into grade school if so desired.

One of the most popular choices in bracelets aresterling silver baby bracelets. Apart from looking beautiful, sterling silver is aseptic and resistant to bodily fluids. This makes is an ideal choice for a baby gift. It also does not rust; therefore it is even safer to be around babies. So the next time you are scratching your head for baby gift ideas think of baby bracelets and you can’t go wrong.