Gold Coins and Silver – 2 Precious Metals That Should Be Part of Your Assets

The dollar may be getting weaker, but the value of gold coins and silver is going up. Experts say that coins purchased from reputable coin dealers are actually the safest investment you can make. That’s why more people are turning to them as part of their investment portfolio.

No matter what happens with the economy, gold coins and silver never lose their value. They are not like stocks that can depreciate overnight. In fact, the price of both gold and silver has been rising for years, and experts say that rise is expected to continue. Even if the worst happens and you lose everything, you can always fall back on your gold coins and silver. It’s almost like having an extra insurance policy.

When it comes to gold, nothing is better to have than a gold coin. After all, if you need money in a pinch, you can sell your gold coins to coin collectors or coin dealers, who have no use for bars. Plus, gold coins are fully-backed by the U.S. government, so they can sell at a higher rate. In fact, one of the most valuable gold coins, the American Eagle gold bullion coin, can only be bought from certain coin dealers.

And, if there is a true emergency, you can always use your gold coins as money virtually anywhere in the world. After all, who’s going to turn down a gold coin?

But what about silver?

In many languages, the word for ‘silver’ is the same as the word for ‘money’, and it is easy to see why. The demand for silver has risen to record levels, and experts say it’s going to keep rising. Silver is much cheaper than gold, making it a much more realistic investment for many people. As an added benefit, silver bullion bars take up less space than coins of the same value, so they are easier to store.

With silver, you have more options to sell, if you need to. Since silver has industrial uses, you can always sell a portion of your assets to a manufacturer.

No matter which precious metal is right for you, both gold coins and silver offer big advantages. If you own them, you can rest easy knowing you won’t lose everything if the value of the dollar, or the stock market, plummets.