Guide to Regaliz Leather Jewelry Making

Leather JewelryRegaliz Leather is a new trendy material that can be used to make jewelry. It’s also known as licorice leather. You can make bracelets and necklaces out these cords and some clasps. You can also incorporate some bead stitch techniques for added designs.

Regaliz Leather Jewelry Kits

You’ll find Regaliz supplies in various beads and jewelry supplies stores online. This whole new jewelry material uses some new tools and materials to make jewelry. Since you’ll be mainly working with leather, the basic tool you’ll need is the leather cutter. You’ll find cord straight cutters in online stores like ETSY.

For binding the leader, you’ll also need leather glue and rubber O-rings that will hold beads in place on the leather cords. These rubber rings can also be used as decorative design and you can purchase them in different colors.   .

Other materials that you can combine or substitute for Regaliz leather are Portuguese cork cords. This type of cords are soft and can be bent to form bracelets. You can choose from round and wrapped cords, but this also comes with braided and stitched designs.

There are also rubber cords that you can use instead of leather. This can vary in thickless but the most common ones are of the size that can fit in on standard Regaliz clasps. You can order rubber cords in different colors, and various textures like frosted, and smooth.

Regaliz clasps are different from regular clasps and sliders you use for metallic or bead jewelry. Generally they’re rounded and bigger, with about 10mm diameter on holes. You can use paved sliders and fillers in gold, marcasite silver, black and antique brass.

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