Hand Made Jewelry Galore

Every woman knows the feeling.  Walking in the mall and you come across a jewelry store.  Its impossible to resist going in, and looking at all the sapphires and diamonds, ropes of gold, and silver trinkets.  Any type of jewelry instantly draws a woman’s eye.  It could be a diamond necklace or a piece of hand made jewelry that your friend is wearing, either one has a woman instantly wanting that little bit of sparkle.

One interesting thing about jewelry is that there are so many different kinds, and each kind tells a story.  Take green jewelry for example.  People who make it have little to no income. They gather the natural resources around them in order to sell their art and make a profit.  For a woman, this type of jewelry has a certain draw.  It is beautiful, and by buying it, they are helping other women around the world.  This is a true showing of compassion.

Another type of jewelry that is also desirable is artisan jewelry.  Local artists usually make artisan jewelry.  This is a nice type of jewelry to bring home from the beach, or from a family vacation.  A piece of artisan jewelry can serve as a wonderful trinket to remember the places that you have been.  You can wear it, show it off to your friends, and keep those wonderful vacation memories close to your heart.

No matter what kind of jewelry a woman chooses to wear, each piece is special; each piece has a purpose and can tell you something about the woman wearing it.   Jewelry is a beautiful example of self-expression.