Handmade Jewelry For You

For many people, handmade jewelry is an integral element of their wardrobe. Unconstrained by the limitations of traditional mass-produced jewelry, people who make handmade jewelry often come up with unique, dazzling concepts that elegantly showcase some aspect of the wearer’s personality. There is a huge selection of materials available for those interested in handmade jewelry, from sea glass to metal to wood—each of which conveys its own sense of character.

One of the most popular kinds of handmade jewelry is art jewelry rings. These come in a variety of styles, though metal and wood tend to be the most popular. Some are engravable; depending on the materials, people often have names or sayings engraved into them. Certain types of metal are ideal for this, like silver or gold. Wood works too, although many people prefer the simplicity of a bare wood ring, the way it retains its natural character. Copper and turquoise often work well too, and they provide excellent settings for certain kinds of decorative stones and gems.

Handmade necklaces often employ the same materials, and often with even more flare. These types of artwear are usually simple in their design, which draws attention to whichever emblem is attached. Crosses are perhaps one of the most common of these, though there is also mother of pearl, glass, silver, and even lariat. Again, the material is usually specific to the individual; it is intended to highlight some aspect of the wearer’s personality. Take a look at our fine selection and see which style is right for you.