The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals

Many people believe in the use of gem stones and crystals to heal the body and mind. Crystal / gemstone healing is a technique that uses crystals to strengthen the body and change ones circumstances. The stones work by changing your vibrational rates within your aura. These changes are often slow and can be seen in changes in different aspects of your body and life.

If you are considering using this particular technique, you should wear quality gemstones, mainly around your neck. Make sure that the necklace you choose uses fewer metals to hold the gem stones. By using less metal, the gemstones would be able to release their healing powers with less restriction. The process is more effective if the individual believes that the therapy is likely to work.

Before choosing your gemstone, make sure you are aware of each stones healing powers. Here are a few effects of some popular gemstone varieties:

Amber – This stone can lift away your burdens and help to draw happiness into your life.

Jade – This stone is said to relax the body and should be placed on the shoulders or back.

Black opal – can be great for those who want to reach their true potential. This stone should be worn around the neck to release the stone’s healing powers.

Opal – This stone can help you to see your options in a complicated situation.

Freshwater Pearl – Pearls can help you to be more open to love and to see the goodness in yourself and others.