Hip Hop Jewelry

Beginning in the 1990’s Hip Hop has had a major influence on jewelry trends. This began with the trend of wearing platinum or silver instead of yellow gold. Over sized pieces of jewelry and brightly colored costume jewelry pieces also began to gain style momentum. These pieces were often embellished with diamonds. Grills also became a popular accessory for Hip Hop artists, making this an exciting and rebellious look for fans to try as well. Hip Hop has continued to influence pop culture and has lead to several current trends in jewelry and accessories.

One newest trend in Hip Hop jewelry is to have custom belt buckles. This can be done as a name plate or by using the artists initial. These are often adorned with diamonds to add the ‘bling’ factor to the piece. Imitation belt buckles in this style are turning up on people everywhere, using rhinestones in place of the diamonds. LED lights on a belt spelling out the artists name are also showing up everywhere. This has become another often copied accessory with fans.

Another jewelry trend that has its roots in Hip Hop is for women to wear a right hand ring. This has become a symbol of independence for women all over the world to show that they do not need a man to buy them a nice ring, they can buy their own. This is considered a very liberating statement for women who want to pursue success and stand on their own two feet.