How to Accessorize With Jewellery on a Budget

You really do not need to spend lots of money on expensive jewellery to achieve that ultra chic, classy look. There are plenty of ways you can still look great, even while working on a small budget. From shopping for inexpesive jewelry, to even making your own, being on a budget is not the end.

There are lots of ways you could accessorize your outfits, making you look absolutely fashionable. Look around at your collection at home or even at inexpensive jewellery stores. When you are purchasing new items, review them carefully, making sure they do not look ‘cheap’. Badly chosen jewellery can make any outfit look kitschy. Anything from sloppily made jewellery, bad quality beads, faded gold and silver, scrape marks or even paint bubbles, no matter how small can spell disaster. Be observant, scrutinize each piece carefully before purchasing.

If you have any old brooches lying around, you can use them to make your outfit snazzy. You can use it to tighten a loose shirt by cinching it on the side, on a headband, on your poncho, or wherever it looks great. You can even make your own at home. Here’s how: find an old button pin and cover it with ribbon using some glue very neatly. Then glue on a rhinestone or anything you desire on the front.

You can even make your own belts, bracelets or even bangles. To make your own belt, find a thick piece of ribbon or a long piece of cloth and sew d-rings on it. To give your old bangles some new life, cover them in pretty fabric. A visit to a craft store might help you find interesting beads and rhinestones that you could use to make your own necklaces and earrings.