How to care for your silver jewelry

Has your once beautiful piece of silver jewelry lost its sheen and sparkle? This tarnishing is due to the reaction with the lotions and perfumes on your skin. But with proper care you can maintain the beauty of your jewelry. Here are some simple ways to look after silver jewelry:

Store the jewelry in sealable bags or a tarnish proof cloth making sure the items are properly separated.

Wear jewelry last after applying perfume and hairspray to minimize contact and clean after every use to remove oils and perfumes it may have been in contact with.

Use a silver cleaner or warm water with a mild soap, a soft bristle toothbrush will be just as good. Follow up with a polish with a soft cloth. Never store away when still wet.

If using sterling silver drops take care not to dip items with stones such as pearls, opals and turquoise as the dip will not only remove the tarnish but also the color and polish of the stones as well.  Do not leave the items in the dip for too long and do not rinse off with cold water.

Keep away from direct sunlight for long periods of time.