How to Spot Fake Jewelry

Fake jewelry has always been something to watch out for, but with the popularity of the internet on the rise, this fraud seems to have escalated along with it as well. The average buyer of jewelry has always had to deal with the issue of fake jewelry, but buying jewelry on the internet means that you no longer need to worry about those seedy looking jewelry shops, but it does mean that you need to think twice about the jewelry you intend to purchase online.

Fake jewelry is made in various ways, and most of them can be spotted by a quick bout of clever scrutinizing. With regards to gemstones, you must look out for sandwiched stones. These have a slice of a genuine stone on top, while the bottom is an absolute fake. They are bonded together in order to create the look of a genuine gemstone, and this can be spotted with the use of a magnifying glass.

Keep in mind that not all stones are fakes. Some are just made to look outrageously expensive, when they are not. Low quality stones are sometimes mounted on settings that have solid backs which in turn make the stone look better, and create a better reflection of light.
If a jeweler presents you with a descriptive gem name, then this is when you need to realize that he is selling fake jewelry. For instance, American rubies are generally passed off as red garnets, while green sapphires are referred to and sold off as oriental emeralds.

If you actually decide to buy jewelry online, it would be worth your while to spend some time researching the seller, his history and reviews. Remember, you are putting down a considerable amount of money into the purchase, and therefore you could do without being conned.