Ideas and Tips for Unforgettable Wedding Favors

A wedding should be immortal – it should be a picture perfect moment of happiness and love, so it isn’t a time for half-baked ideas. While your guests may enjoy the food and festivities, it’s worth giving them wedding favors to take home and remember the day by. It’s your special way of saying, “thank you for spending this wonderful day with us”. When choosing the best wedding favors, remember that it’s not just about giving your guests something. It’s about leaving a piece of you and this day with them.

Beautiful wedding favors must not be hidden in less-than-flattering gift boxes. Adorn your favor boxes in a personalized ribbon. The ribbons can be used alone, or you can add little trinkets like bells, or berries. Why settle for ordinary ribbons when there are several choices out there – satin and organza combinations make for a beautiful and sheer appearance. Polkadots, striped or splattered designs are fun and funky, perfect for the fun-loving and adventurous couple. Use two or more ribbons of varying lengths to make a plain looking wedding favor box come alive.

Set your weddings favors and gifts where everyone can admire there during the celebration. You only need a table, preferably round. Round tablecloths never go out of style, and because of their shape, they can be easily overlaid with a complementing color. Choose from satin, pintuck, polyester, or lamour round tablecloths.