Ideas forwedding favors and decorations

The practice of giving wedding favors is not compulsory. It is completely a matter of choice and no one should feel obligated to give them out. But, if you are able to afford it, wedding favors add a nice touch to any wedding and you should give it a thought.

If you do decide to give out wedding favors, it needn’t be an expensive affair. You can either opt to buy or make your own wedding favors. The easiest types of favors to make at home are the edible types. Cookies, chocolate, almonds etc. can all be sorted at home. The only thing you need to worry about is starting early so that you are not rushed at the end.

If you decide to buy, there are plenty of websites that offer inexpensive wedding favors. They also offer many other wedding related goodies like personalized napkins, personalized ribbon, coasters, favor boxes, tags etc., etc. By opting for low cost favors you will find that you have a fair amount of money left over, which you can use to purchase these other niceties.

Another way of cutting costs and still looking good is to choose silk flowers over natural ones. Although it sounds rather awful, if you think about it, it isn’t. The only things going for fresh flowers is the fact that they are fresh and that some of them have not been properly replicated (like the tiniest or most exotic of flowers).But freshness is really the thing that causes problems, because the flowers need to get the location on time and stay looking fresh as well. This is a hassle you don’t need on you wedding day. Go for the silk flowers; it costs way less and will stay looking fresh for a few years at least. When you’re done with them, you can always sell it off on ebay.