Invest In Gold American Eagle Coins

Article by The Jewelry Review.
One type of coin that every coin collector can’t get enough of is the gold coin. This is because gold coins a not only relatively rare, but they also are always worth their weight in gold, which is one of the most consistently valuable substances in the world. One of these gold coins in particular is sought out by collectors for being very valuable. Those are the gold American Eagle coins.

These golden eagle coins were first designed back in 1986 when the US mint decided that it would be a good way for them to be able to distribute small amounts of gold to collectors at a high return value. The coins are notorious for their beauty as they are struck multiple times so that the coins exhibit a soft frostiness. However the detailed images of lady liberty and the flying eagle appear to be floating about a mirrored surface.  The mint released another version of these coins that is uncirculated a few years, which only served to raise the coin value of the American eagle coin. There are also versions of the coin that have been struck in silver and platinum, although they are not nearly as sought out as the gold ones.

Several dealers collect and distribute these coins from the mint at wholesale discount prices. This is good because you can cheaply invest in a coin that will not only hold its value in gold weight, but increase its value further and the amount of gold in the world decreases.