In the making of jewellery, pliers are one of the most essential tools. They are used to hold metal and shape it during the jewellery-making process. Pliers used for jewellery making are always made out of metal – and must be stored in a dry place to ensure it stays free of rust.

No Mar Surface Pliers – no matter how carefully you look after your pliers, it still can accidentally scratch the materials you use. Such scratches can be removed from karated gold and sterling silver. In order to avoid any such scratching, some jewellery makers coat their pliers using a fixturing compound – so that it has a ‘no-mar’ surface.

Basic pliers used for jewellery making

Flat-nose pliers – these pliers have jaws that are flat at the point of contact. These pliers are used to close up prongs, for flattening or straightening out metal.

Round-nose pliers – the jaws on these pliers resemble that of a cone that has been tapered. Round-nose pliers are mainly used to make French ear wires, eye pins and even wrapped loops.

Bent chain-nose pliers – the tips on these pliers are angled. This helps jewellery makers access tight areas which are hard to reach, especially with other types of pliers. Bent chain-nose pliers are used for making angled wire bends and even for flat crimping.

Specialty pliers used for jewellery making

Jump-ring pliers – these pliers’ jaws have indentations on both sides.

Crimping pliers – it is very important that these pliers be used correctly. If so, they will assist with fastening beading or other kinds of wire securely and quickly.