Knitting Jewelry on a Machine

Intricate designs on jewelry date far back in time. Pieces of jewelry that have been woven, braided, knotted, crocheted or using knit wire adornments have been found in continents across the globe. In ancient times, these pieces of jewellery were made by hand, with the assistance of primitive tools. Now, in modern times, the use of a knitting machine has helped revolutionize contemporary jewellery designs. With the use of knit wire and knitting machine, new fangled pieces of jewelry are created every day.

Knitting machines come in different shapes and sizes. The most ordinary one being the single bed machine – this is found frequently at sales, auctions and even on eBay. This knitting machine is easy on the purse and like all machines, comes with an instruction manual. It is not easy to become an experienced machine knitter. Beginners must be familiar with basics tasks and techniques, utilizing yarn instead of wire – until they get the hang of it.

Not only is machine knitting an efficient manner of creating a unique piece of jewelry, it is also flexible. The wire knit on the machine takes the form of a flat sheet – which can be any size that you want it to be. You can increase the width of the sheet by either adding or removing needles on both ends of the machine. So, get creative – turn the knitted piece into a little tube where you could enclose a cord or beads to fashion out a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.