Learn gemstone basics before buying

Gemstone jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry types in the market. Gemstone jewelry is easy to pair with clothing as well as other accessories. Many believe that they offer therapeutic and healing effects. Buying gemstone jewelry without a basic understanding may lead to frustration and become a problem. Therefore, learn some basics before buying.

There are three primary types of gemstones available in the market. Natural stones are rare and more expensive. Lab-created stones contain same chemical, physical, and visual character as natural gemstones but less expensive. Some of the treating methods used for lab created gemstones include heating, irradiation, impregnating, fracture filling, diffusion, dyeing, and bleaching. Lastly, imitation stones to create the same look of gemstones may be made of glass, plastic or other similar less expensive material.

Like gold gemstones are also measured by carat. Each carat contains 100 points, so half-carat means .50 carat or 50 points. Also, gemstone can be treated in a lab to enhance its appearance and color and therefore, increase the value at the time of sale but the quality may go down with the passage of time. So, be aware of these and choose wisely when buying gemstones.