Making jewelry with silver findings

Good jewelry will always be expensive and this is a simple fact of life. However, by making your own jewelry, you can avoid this huge expenditure and have custom made jewelry for a very low cost. The secret to doing this is in the silver findings.

Silver findings are the vital parts that form your handmade jewelry. These include chains,connectors, bead caps, clasps, bead tips, crimps, crimp covers cones etc.All of these pieces can be used in various combinations to form your own unique design. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to combining findings and creating masterpieces. Even though it is cheaper than buying jewelry, you should be aware that silver findings are made from sterling silver and they will cost you a decent amount of money.

When you are buying silver findings, be a little prudent and don’t go overboard with your purchases. Get a few items and play around with them to see what you come up with. Don’t forget that you can get other pieces like drilled pearls or faceted beads to add to the findings. You should also purchase the proper tools and other accessories like good quality bead wire to ensure that your creative process is unhindered.

If this subject interests you, look online for tutorials and how-to videos to help you get started. You should also look online for reviews of vendors selling silver findings and other accessories. Make it a practice to purchase only from reputable vendors; others may be cheaper but your chances of being fleeced or duped are much higher.