Making Silhoutte Pendants

Here is what you will need:

1. An old pendant
2. A digital picture or a digital camera to take one with
3. Paper
4. A pour on resin finish
5. Adhesive

First you need to create the silhouette. Select a subject for the pendant. Take a picture. Then using whatever photo editing software you are used to select the profile of the subject. Take care to select the edges as neatly as possible. If you have to deal with hair, decide on how you want to cut it out. That is left entirely up to you. Once you have completed the selection, invert it and then delete the background. Next, fill in the profile with a solid colour of your choice. If you have space for more than one silhouette, then go about adding the other one in there as well. Then, resize the silhouette to fit the pendant you are making and then print it out on a paper or board of your choice. Using the adhesive you have at hand, glue the printed image onto the pendant. Remember to coat the top with a few, levelled out layers of adhesive. Let it dry fully. Keep in mind that sealing the top with adhesive is absolutely necessary, as otherwise, the pour in resin you will add next will soak through and ruin the silhouette. Once the adhesive is completely dry, pour on the resin making sure you cover it completely and evenly. Allow it to dry.