Men’s Watches For 2010

Most men do not wear much jewelry other than a watch. It is probably the accessory that men consider as the most important. While watches must be fashionable, it is also important that their functionality is versatile and according to the wearer’s requirements.

For 2010, the fashionable watch trend is ‘the bigger; the better’, essentially meaning that the shape and size of the watch should be large. All watchmakers have taken up the new trend, turning out unique pieces – incorporating it into women’s watch styles as well.

The new retro style calls for watches to take on the shape of a mini TV. These are quite close to old watch collections, which is quite apparent in some new styles turned out, which incidentally look quite close to older styles.

Of the new watch styles this year, those that are becoming increasingly popular are those that look retro and have mechanical movement.
Titanium, gold and steel are top choices for watches while diamonds still remain an all round favorite. While leather continues to remain the most common material to be used for the watch strap, it is sometimes even made out of wood. The new fashion also calls for varied colors, citing that the usual colors are no longer the norm for men’s watches.

While all big watchmakers have incorporated the new trend into their new designs, remember to choose one that has something about it that connects with your personality. Choose a watch that works best for you in terms of color, size and functionality.